Collaborations with External Organizations

The scope of the SBRC’s activities extends beyond Kyushu University. We also work in collaboration with Yunus Social Business Centers established in 97 institutions around the world (as of Nov. 2021), and have signed partnership agreements with commercial companies to cooperate in promoting Yunus Social Business.
The SBRC is committed to expanding its collaborative partnerships with other Yunus Social Business Centers and commercial companies around the world in order to disseminate the Seven Principles of Social Business outlined by Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

Collaboration with Yunus Social Business Centers
Established within higher education institutions worldwide, Yunus Social Business Centers play an important role as a social business hub. The SBRC of Kyushu University was founded as the world’s eighth YSBC in 2011.
Collaboration with Yunus Social Busin Country Hub

Beyond the collaborations between YSBCs in universities, SBRC Kyushu University is working with Yunus Social Business Country Hub in the world.




Collaboration with Industries, Academia, and Government
The SBRC hosted a forum open to businesses and the general public in Fukuoka City, the first “Social Business City” in Asia, with the aim of advancing the social business movement championed by Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

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Utilization of Dormant Deposits Project

The system to utilize dormant deposits in bank accounts inactive for 10 or more years for promoting public interest activities was introduced in 2019, following the national “Act on Utilization of Funds Related to Dormant Deposits to Promote Public Interest Activities by the Private Sector”.

Yunus Japan headed by the representative director Prof. Masaharu Okada established the "Kyushu Regional Social Business Consortium (KSBC)” with the Kyushu Economic Research Association to utilize the Dormant Deposit Utilization System.

KSBC acts as one of the Funds Distribution Organizations. It is the only organization in Japan to distribute funds to the private organizations carrying out public interest activities (Players) under the supervision of the Japan Network for Public Interest Activities (JANPIA) as a Designated Utilization Organization.

The selected 5 Players are currently utilizing dormant deposits in their Social Businesses.

For the system diagram and further information. (Reference: Japan Network for Public Interest Activities (JANPIA)HP


Asia Entrepreneurship Award 2022(AEA 2022)

Asia Entrepreneurship Award 2022 HP

As a Yunus Social Business affiliate, SBRC cooperates with this global business competition organized by AEA steering committee. SBRC nominated Social Business venture companies in Japan for the Social Business session in the competition. The finalists from Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan presented their projects in the final on October 27, 2022.

Prof. Okada served as one of the Judging committees in the final and Dr. Ashir Ahmed, one of the SBRC's faculty members, received the AEA Social Business Award.


Collaboration with Social Media

Community FM Radio “Triple Win” 

Prof. Okada acts as a commentator in the local radio program “Triple Win”. 

He talks passionately about the latest Social Business circumstances with a monthly guest.


11:00am-12:00pm on the third Wednesday every month.

From Tenjin, Fukuoka city (FM77.7MHz)


Shima Love Festival Social Business Contest ~Powered by Yunus Social Business 

Operated by Yoshimoto Laugh & Peace Inc., one of the player companies of the Utilization of Dormant Deposits Project, the Okinawa International Movie Festival is held annually. In April 2022, the Shima Love Festival Social Business Contest was taken place in the event. Prof. Okada from SBRC was invited to speak on the stage.   


◆Shima Love Festival 

Saturday, April 16 2022
Ryukyu Shimpo Hall, Okinawa 


・Prof. Muhammad Yunus  ※VTR 

・Prof. Masaharu Okada (SBRC, Kyushu University/Yunus Japan)

・Contest Participants (14 teams and Mr. Ryuta Higa of Okinawa prefecture Sumimasu Geinin

・Ms. Chiaki from Hibiscus Party 


Garage Sale (Japanese Comedians)


◆YouTube Channel of Shima Love Festival 

It is all in Japanese, but please take a look and feel the passion and energy of the Shima Love Festival!

"Make Okinawa a Social Business Island! " 

「島ぜんぶでうむさんラブチャンネル」(Shima Zenbude UmuSun Love Channel)

Prof. Okada from SBRC appears in #2 and talks about Yunus Social Business.