Collaborations with External Organizations

The scope of the SBRC’s activities extends beyond Kyushu University. We also work in collaboration with Yunus Social Business Centers established in 78 institutions around the world (as of August 2019), and have signed partnership agreements with commercial companies to cooperate in promoting Yunus Social Business.
The SBRC is committed to expanding its collaborative partnerships with other Yunus Social Business Centers and commercial companies around the world in order to disseminate the Seven Principles of Social Business outlined by Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

Collaboration with Yunus Social Business Centers
Established within higher education institutions worldwide, Yunus Social Business Centers currently number 78 and play an important role as a social business hub. The SBRC of Kyushu University was founded as the world’s eighth YSBC in 2011.
Collaboration with Industries, Academia, and Government
The SBRC hosted a forum open to businesses and the general public in Fukuoka City, the first “Social Business City” in Asia, with the aim of advancing the social business movement championed by Dr. Muhammad Yunus.
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